Wednesday, May 7, 2008

St. Jude is My New Patron Saint

St. Jude is, of course, the patron of desperate and lost causes, which seem to be my specialty when it comes to bond issues. Both the War Memorial Stadium and Parks and Rec bonds that I supported have gone down in flames.

I'll let John, Paul, and George sing my theme song:


jimcaserta said...

While WMS isn't home to the bats anymore, it is still in use by A&T, G'Boro College, and adult & youth amateur leagues. While I probably wound't have used the greenway much, as I live in Winston, I know from living in Austin how vibrant greenways can be. As for Guarino's sketchy property concerns, many of Austin's greenways abutted commercial areas or major roads, and many others attracted homeowners that appreciated being able to quickly get on a mtn bike or running trail.

Anonymous said...

David, if it is any consolation, few of us get much of what we would like in Guilford County elections.:)

But I somehow suspect that the Greenway will resurface, and will get public money in some way. This is, after all, Greensboro. And Robbie Perkins has said that it will further the interests of development, if I remember correctly.

Joe Guarino

Anonymous said...

Since my first comment on Mr. Wharton's excellent blog caught some attention, I'll point out to anyone who's interested in this stuff that the voting down of the Greenway bond is another signal to young people to continue the brain drain migration out of the Triad.

jimcaserta said...

It seems Durham recently put some $ into their ex-minor league park