Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Vote Today!

Almost exactly 80 years ago today, on Armistice Day, November 11, 1926, Mayor Edwin Jeffress dedicated World War Memorial Stadium with these words:
And so the stadium has been built by children’s and widows’ and wives’ and rich men’s wealth. It is here for the use of the coming generations; the soldier boys said they wanted no hollow granite, no useless monument to decorate our street corners, even no statuary or brass to remind us of those who have passed along after doing life’s full duty, but they wanted something that would be useful; that would help develop mind and body; that would in this way be a perpetual memorial to those who have passed…, that those of us who follow should use our best efforts to make ourselves physically fit to answer any emergency;…; and when the call to duty comes, answer with a clear, strong voice, “We are ready to do our bit”
I'm heading out now to vote in favor of the War Memorial Stadium bond. Hope you will, too, Greensboro.


abloggersayswhat said...

Once a monument to brave and selfless Americans, now a monument to the weak and selfish City Council.
I will be forced to vote no today.

Joel Gillespie said...


For the most part today's election on the local front was a yawner. But voting "Yes" to the War Memorial Stadium Bond was a joy.

Thanks for all your work and I hope it passes. Great picture.


David Wharton said...

Thanks Joel!

I can't take credit for the pic, as it's 80 years old. I found it on the Greensboro HCD website.