Thursday, February 26, 2009

Plebe Life

Son Sam posted these pictures of his room at West Point, and gave me permission to re-post them. I think they give some insight into what life is like there. Disciplined.

Here's Sam in a get-up he patched together out of parts of various uniforms for "Heritage Night." I think he's a makeshift English officer.

Below, his uniforms are laid out on his bed for inspection. Cadets don't sleep in their beds -- it wastes too much time in the morning making them. They sleep on top of the blankets, under their woobies.

Plebes are three to a room in Sam's company, and they switch roommates every semester.

He has a view of the Cadet Chapel from his dorm window.

Sam and his friend John joined us on their only three-day weekend of the semester. They were very happy to get OPPs (off-post passes). We took them to the mall, a movie, dinner, then back to our seedy EconoLodge motel room in Highland Falls to watch TV. They loved it -- one of their big social events of the winter. Woot!

Plebe life is incredibly rigorous, mentally, physically, and emotionally. How they do it, I don't know. But I'm glad they do. Go class of 2012!