Monday, September 17, 2007

Claudette Burroughs-White, RIP

Former District 2 councilwoman Claudette Burroughs-White passed away over the weekend.

She was a fine, kind, and thoughtful person, and she worked hard to represent our district. She always answered calls and responded to her consitutents' needs. Though I knew her only a little, she habitually greeted me with a hug.

I'll miss her.

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Lenslinger said...


Didn't know Mrs. Burroughs-White, but after spending much of the day interviewing those who did - I feel foolish for never having introduced myself.

One side note, having sat with Yvonne Johnson as she recalled time spent with her departed friend, I came away with a different picture of the mayoral candidate: a real human being, not just that scary lady who gives the cameraman heebie-jeebies at City Council meetings...

Perhaps I'm getting soft.