Monday, September 17, 2007

Capitalist Preservationist

Jim Schlosser reports that John Lomax and three partners plan to renovate Greensboro's first Cadillac dealership:

John Lomax, who has rehabbed many downtown buildings, points to the [building's] expensive wainscoting around the showroom walls, white and black diamond floor tiles, skylights and other upscale touches that survive at 304 E. Market St. These features once told car buyers America's most classy automobile was sold here.
According to the article, Lomax has rehabbed 28 downtown buildings in the last 8 years. Two of his partners, Jay Jung and Daniel Craft, also have done adaptive re-use projects. That's an impressive record; Mr. Lomax and his partners are doing good work, and making money at it, which shows me that a lot of people are finding value in preservation these days.


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