Friday, June 8, 2007

Biker Faculty

My employer's in-house newsletter has a story about faculty bicycle commuters in its latest issue.

Most of them do it for the same reasons I do: it's fun, it's good exercise, it saves money, and you can park near your building.

It's interesting that none of them said that they're doing it to cut greenhouse gasses and save the earth.

My friend and biology prof Mark Hens says, "It's easy ... I've been using a bike a long time -- I didn't have a car till I graduated from college."

He also points out that when he (and I) were in college, most students didn't have a car.

I think they were thinner then, too.

I know I was.


Anonymous said...

perhaps some of them did cite "earth friendly" but it didn't make it to press?

David Wharton said...

That could be, but "sustainability" has been a campus watchword this year.

Maybe it's just that the administration is more worried about how to handle parking as the campus grows than it is about global warming.