Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time Travel By Bike

People say that a lot of things make them "feel like a kid" again, and I don't know how true that is for most of them -- I looked at's list of such things, and I don't think any of them would actually work for me.

But my new bike did yesterday, at least for a few seconds, as I was coming up the hill and zipping through the roundabout on Greene St. I had to put on a little speed so as not to annoy the driver behind me, since he was nice enough not to try to pass me in that narrow stretch.

As I stood on the pedals and rocked the bike side-to-side to get some acceleration, I had a "body memory" of that very move from the time when I used to ride one of these to school, sparkly banana seat and all, in about 1967.

I haven't done that for years, but it felt just like it did when I was 10, which is not a bad feeling to have if you're 50.


Anonymous said...

I was driving along Spring Garden street today, when I saw a guy on a black bike, wearing black bike shorts and a black shirt. Was that, by chance, you? If so, I was the person in the yellow bug with the Animal Discovery sticker on it! And, even if that wasn't you, I was STILL the person with the yellow bug with the Animcal Discovery sticker on it. ;-)

David Wharton said...

I was in a green shirt with brown cotton shorts, so it wasn't me.

But there are LOTs of bike riders on Spring Garden these days. If only they'd all go the right way in those lanes ...

Anonymous said...

Today was the first time I'd been in that area since the addition of the bike lanes. It took me by surprise, as I didn't know they were there. Great idea, though. I'd ride my bike a lot more often if I felt safer, but as it is I've had too many close calls. :-/