Sunday, May 13, 2007

Farewell, and Hello, Beautiful!

I ended an extended affair today, and though I'm feeling a little regret at having unceremoniously tossed aside a beloved longtime companion, I'm confident things will work out for the best for both of us.

I refer, of course, to my longstanding relationship with Miss Kymco, who has escorted me about town for almost 3 years with style and verve. I would have stuck with her, but unfortunately, she was beginning to embarrass my friends.

And the truth is, I fell in love with another.

It was a chance meeting -- as these things so often are! -- as I was browsing the aisles at REI in search of ... well, it doesn't matter what I was in search of.

But what I found was a new, sleek black beauty, who promised not only to "get me where I need to go," but also to, you know (nudge nudge wink wink y'know what I mean), help me "work up a little sweat" while doing so.
I couldn't afford to maintain both of my beloveds in the style to which they've become accustomed.

So it was lucky that a friend was waiting in the wings to take on the upkeep of Miss Kymco.

Tomorrow my new, sleek black beauty and I are hitting the road together. And my wife says it's OK!

How lucky can a guy get?

Update: Apparently, I can get even luckier. Today's Fast Forward column (my favorite regular N&R column -- no, really) says I'm eligible for prizes and free food just for riding a bike.


Anonymous said...

As the new proud owner of your tossed aside beloved, Josie spent much of the afternoo polishing her new set of wheels.

She roared off to Grimsley this morning on your old girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Above was by Hoggard. Sorry.

David Wharton said...

So glad she likes it! Make sure she wears her helmet and drives defensively. The roads are full of nitwits.

Anonymous said...

Seen this?

Anonymous said...

Go Prof Wharton, Go!