Friday, October 14, 2005

Mr. Sun Has Gone Too Far

I don't mind if you call me out, Mr. Sun. But when you go after my son -- watch out:

Solem stultum et morum nunc cano
Qui animo scribis insano.
Si liberum increpes
Sine mora invenies
Meum conditum pedem in ano.
Take that, you mewling facsimile of a psuedonymous humorist. Now beg for your translation.


Jim Rosenberg said...

Now we're talking. Give me a chance to do it myself, first. I think it translates to:

"I was unpopular in High School"

David Wharton said...

I didn't take Latin in High School.

Don't you remember me? I'm the guy who stomped on your lunchbox.

You, I seem to remember, were the High Q team manager.

Jim Rosenberg said...

I am requesting a translation now, because here is the problem: I engage you in these things in order to raise the level of discourse at my juvenile blog, but all I am doing is sharpening your trash-talking skills. I see through your Machiavellian ploy, and I won't play your sick game!

Joel Gillespie said...

You guys are the best. Touche Mr. Wharton!

Lex said...

I never took Latin, but I'm pretty sure I understand what Mr. Wharton is saying here. Hint: "ano" doesn't mean "year." ;-)

David Wharton said...

Here's a rather free though bowdlerized translation:

To call you a fool would be kind,
'cause you write with an unstable mind.
If you threaten my son
You'll be all out of fun
'Cause my foot will bisect your behind.

Ananda Wharton said...

Advice to the Wharton's contender
Would be to cave in and surrender.
Prosaic hot air
Won't fluster this pair
Masters of grammatical gender.

David Wharton said...

Ohhh my . . . an unforseen attack from the Louisville branch of the family! The Whartons are triple-teaming Mr. Sun!

That's gotta hurt.

X said...

This attack now has combatants three
Here joins the voice from Cincinnati
I'll upbraid you in time
With irreverent rhyme
The Sun shall shine no more on thee

Anonymous said...

An observation from Pennsylvania:

A classics professor named Wharton
Found calling his son out unsportin’
So in English and Latin
He bashed the Sun’s hat in
And silenced the solar cavortin’!.

David Wharton said...

Now that the Pennsylvania Dutch branch of the family has entered the fray, Mr. Sun has been reduced to brown dwarf status.

X said...

I wish members of my family were so want to engage in limerick frays. Kudos to the Wharton-tribe.

Anonymous said...

Whence Sun? Nay David the beating was so severe he has been extinguished. Who would have imagined the Latin card would be played. He is thus a black hole.

Jim Rosenberg said...

Heh. I spent the weekend outside, and I feel great. So great, in fact, I will wait a few more months until I once again rattle the Wharton cage. When I do, the horror will wash over you until you can feel the dread.