Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Music at War Memorial Stadium

As I was painting my shed late this afternoon, bluegrass music started drifting into my back yard.

I followed the sound over to World War Memorial Stadium, which was the site of this week's Music for a Sunday Evening in the Park. Usually the music is in a regular park; this week it was a ballpark.
The crowd was just gathering as I came in; Steel Magnolia was set up at the outfield fence. They sounded great, as did Gaelwynd a little later.

Some people have expressed concern that the city won't take care of the playing field now that minor leage ball has left this stadium for First Horizon Park. But the grass looked plush to me, even after 200 amateur games this season. So far so good. Nice job, Department of Parks & Rec.

Looking at the many empty seats, though -- many of which will probably be destroyed when the stadium is renovated -- made me feel pretty sad. I think it will be important to retain the proportions of the original seating (maybe with a berm?) in the downsized version.

Tomorrow afternoon the War Memorial Stadium task force meets with the firm the city has hired to do the renovations / alterations. I'll be there, as will Hoggard. We should start discussing soon what the future stadium will look like.
Stay tuned.

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Diane Grey Davis said...

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