Thursday, September 1, 2005

Local Red Cross Training Hurricane Katrina Volunteers

This comes from Donna Newton of the Greensboro Neighborhood Information Center:

The American Red Cross is offering a 3 day training for volunteers who are able and willing to take a 2 to 3 week assignment to go to Louisiana to provide disaster relief. They will pay all travel expenses. The training for next week is full. However, they will be training frequently over several months and expect that the need to send volunteers will continue for many months. If you are interested and can devote the time to this effort, I encourage you to call the Red Cross and get on the list for training. The local number is 333-2111. Just tell them you want to speak to someone about the disaster relief training.

Of course, they also need money and blood donations, so anything you can do will be valuable.
If you want to send money, Instapundit has a huge roundup of charities.

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