Sunday, April 10, 2005

Stadium Explosions

David Hoggard is reporting that the latest draft of a proposed new noise ordinance for Greensboro prohibits explosions:
The creation of sound through an explosion or replication of the sound of an explosion so as to unreasonably annoy the public or disturb the rest or quiet of residential property owners while on their residential property [is prohibited].
Last night I heard fireworks explosions from the Greensboro Grasshoppers' home opener at the new First Horizon Park, though I couldn't actually see the fireworks as I used to when they were at War Memorial Stadium. Sigh. Nothing but downside in the new arrangement for me.

Maybe that's making the Greensboro News & Record's sportswriters happy. In the last couple of weeks they've wasted no opportunity to insult the old stadium, and, by association, those who thought renovating it was a better idea than building a new one. Bill Haas in today's paper (sorry, no link available) reported a standing ovation at last night's game, adding (gratuitously, and wrongly, according to my recollection) that people seldom did that at Memorial Stadium. And last week, N&R sports columnist Ed Hardin also went out of his way to recall only tawdry memories of War Memorial: "It wasn't a happy place."

Hey, guys. You won. You got a beautiful new stadium. Enjoy it, and stop rubbing our noses in it.

Personally, I want people to have a great time at the new stadium, and to celebrate with fireworks. But if stadium boosters keep being "sore winners," I would imagine that some new stadium neighbors wouldn't mind raining on that parade a little by trying to make the "no explosions" provision apply to fireworks.

Update: Hoggard has more to say on the subject.

Update II (4.11.05): Ed Cone went to last night's Grasshoppers game, and reports that an owner "sincerely wants to quell any bad feelings." Sounds like a good idea to me. Ed Hardin's number is 373-7069. Bill Haas: 373-7047. Give them a call to get them on board, too.


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