Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bito the Cat, RIP

Bito the Cat passed away yesterday at Greensboro's North Elm Animal Hospital after a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. Diagnosed last May, he endured his illness in a heroic manner worthy of his namesake. He died while licking turkey puree off a tongue depressor, surrounded by his family.

An accomplished hunter, Bito was unloved by the small animals and birds in his neighborhood. He is pictured above engaging in his favorite activity, eating squirrel, though not in his preferred dining spot (under his owners' bed).

His gregarious and outgoing personality, combined with a high tolerance for vigorous patting and tail-pulling, made Bito popular with neighborhood children. His habit of draping himself over his owners' heads in the middle of the night, however, will not be missed, though his cheerful and insouciant manner will.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie- even with a squirrel tail hanging out. We have so many great neighborhood cats like this one in Westerwood. Sorry about your loss.

Jessica said...

i will certainly miss chatting with bito while strolling through the neighborhood. he was an excellent kitty.