Monday, July 2, 2007

Murrow Opportunity

I was a little surprised to read this yesterday:

If the developers' math ultimately does pass muster with city officials, Murrow Station deserves a fair and even sympathetic hearing.
Allen Johnson & Co. are often wary of endorsing public expenditures for private development.

(But note that the N&R did not actually endorse the idea of spending $2.8 million on Murrow Station -- it endorsed listening to the idea sympathetically.)

I agree with the N&R that Murrow Station presents a good opportunity to promote both downtown development and residential development on the east side of Summit Avenue. Good for Brown Investment Properties and Kavanagh Homes for trying something that's pretty unconventional here in Greensboro.

The public funding aspect of the deal also presents the city with an opportunity to turn what city planning staff have called a "pretty good" plan into a very good plan.

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