Friday, July 6, 2007

99 Blocks Hurts My Feelings

A new local magazine appeared in my mailbox today -- 99 Blocks. According to Bill Hancock, the publisher, "That's the number of square city blocks in the area we've defined as downtown Greensboro, which includes Elm Street, Southside, and Fisher Park."


Fisher Park sits just outside Greensboro's Central Business District, and there are a number of other neighborhoods that also sit on its edge -- Westerwood, East Market, Cedar Street / Bellemeade and (ahem) at least one other -- that don't seem to be included in the 99.

Isn't sending the mag to me, without including my neighborhood in your area of hipness, kind of like telling me you're having a party, but I'm not invited?

Gee, thanks!


Roch101 said...

Yeah, but 113 Blocks doesn't have the same ring to it.

Anonymous said...

The photographer for the new pub actually lives in Aycock, and the house that they featured from Fisher Park is a lot furthur from Downtown than my house!

Unknown said...

Does anyone have a contact number for this magazine?