Saturday, June 2, 2007

Small Pleasures (Cycling Department)

I like to cycle up Elm St. on my way home from work, even though it's a little out of my way, just because I like to check out the scene on Greensboro's best downtown street. South Elm usually has a lot of street life at that time of day, and I like to be a part of it.

Drivers on Elm usually give me plenty of room, and most of the time I'm able to pedal with the flow of traffic since it's pretty stop-and-go at that hour. I've found that most drivers are very polite to me on my bike.

But yesterday I heard a rumble of knobby tires behind me, and a big red Hummer blew by; his right side mirror felt like it was about 6 inches from my ear, and I got a little wobbly in his Hummer-wash. Clearly he wasn't going to give any quarter to a mere cyclist.

But about 30 seconds later he came to a dead stop in traffic, so I blew right by him and kept on going; two blocks later I looked back, and he was still creeping along. He never caught up.



Vada Bostian said...

He was just jealous because you don't have to fill that bike up every six miles... ;)

sean coon said...

great story. next time, shoot a picture and drop it here: