Friday, June 22, 2007

Planner vs. Planner: Smart Growth vs. Sprawl

Transit oriented development advocate Gloria Ohland of Reconnecting America takes on sprawl apologist Robert Bruegmann in the LA Times.


Reconnecting America released a market study in late 2004 that found that because of regional growth trends and demographic changes in this country (older, smaller, more diverse households with singles becoming the new majority, as I wrote yesterday), demand for higher density housing near transit is likely to more than double by 2030. That means nearly a quarter of all households entering the market to rent or to buy are likely to be looking for higher density housing near transit.
Despite over 50 years of campaigning by planners and others to stop sprawl, the overwhelming amount of new housing both in this country and in every urban area in the affluent world continues to be in the suburbs at some of the lowest densities ever seen in urban history.
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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Do you happen, by chance, to know where the ones that are for sale are located? My biggest concern about living in an area like that is lack of parking. What is the parking like?