Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dogs Are Good

From today's WSJ (subscription required):

After decades of jogging with friends, colleagues and loved ones, I've come to see that the ideal running mate is a dog. She is not competitive. Your fastest speed is nothing next to hers, so you will never run too fast for her. But neither will she whine about, let alone ridicule, your slowness. The only time she will complain is when you don't run at all, and that type of push is what personal trainers charge money for . . . .

A canine jogging companion can confer health benefits beyond the lift to your workout regimen. A body of scientific evidence shows that pet ownership can protect health. A pet can decrease blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and improve mood, among other benefits, says the Web site of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . . . .

The sheer pleasure that dogs take in running can remind performance-obsessed humans what's really important.
I agree!

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