Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wait, Stop!

I've been trying to get some serious work done on an article (on the lexical semantics of Latin horror), so, no blogging for the last couple of weeks.

I turned 50 yesterday (hence the headline), but I actually feel pretty good about it. My sister-in-law tells me "50 is the new 30!" I don't know about that, but I do know a lot of people who've told me that their 50's were some of their best years.

So far the best thing has been receiving the good wishes of friends and family, and that has been very good indeed. For a present, Laurette arranged for neighbor Bert Vanderveen to take photos of our kids and surprised me with them yesterday. I was just floored -- it was the best present I ever got.

More updates: I got around to buying that Prius on Saturday, so we are mini-van-less for the first time in about 13 years. The car is cute and fun, even though we didn't get a heavily-loaded model. My favorite feature is the smart-key entry, which allows you to enter the locked car and start it without taking the "key" (really a transponder) out of your pocket. Laurette likes the fact that the car has an aux port that you can plug an mp3 player into, which gives really great sound.

I also felt like I got a pretty good deal on the car: I talked the dealer up $1500 from his initial offer on my trade-in, plus they were offering a $1500 incentive and very low interest on the financing. All that, plus a $1500 federal tax credit, helped to stave off buyer's remorse.

But I had another "Wait, Stop!" moment this morning when I let Sam, who got his driver's license on Friday, drive off to school with his sister in the new car. Ack! Can't believe I did that. But what are you gonna do?

I may have been worried (more about them than about the car), but let me tell you they were pretty pumped. Yes, I know that a Toyota Prius is not exactly every kid's dream car. But if you had been thinking you'd be arriving in the school parking lot in a minivan, well, it's pretty darn good.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you split the difference on the mid-life crisis red sports car.

David Wharton said...

Hah! If 50 is the new 30, I shouldn't be having a midlife crisis for another 10 years.

My general view of sports cars is that they should only be driven by beautiful women.

Show me a middle-aged man in a red sports car, and I'll show you a man with the scent of desperation, a medicine cabinet full of Viagra, and a membership card for the Hair Club for Men.

Anonymous said...

Cool car, and happy birthday. My birthday was last week as well. Didn't buy a car, though - bought a treadmill! Mine quit just as I was getting back into running! Yeah, I know...running outside is the best, but sometimes a treadmill is needed. Like when it's 25 degrees or 95 degrees.

Joe Guarino said...

Happy belated birthday, David, and good luck with the Prius. My son will also be getting his license within the next several weeks, so we can trade notes on the experience.