Monday, December 18, 2006

Lighted Balls of Ridgeway

If you haven't driven down Ridgeway Ave. and Chapman St. to see the lighted Christmas balls hanging from their beautiful tree canopy, well, just do it.

Here's some video (via Quantum of Wantum).

Update: Lighted Christmas Balls blog.

Update II: Lighted Balls with Music! (also from Quantum of Wantum):


Roch101 said...

I checked these out last night. Wow! The videos (no offense) don't really do them justice. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful tradition! Do they do this elsewhere or is it just a NC thang?

Anonymous said...

I agree with roch101: you've got to see them for yourself. Here's address of a Greensboro "tree ball" poem.

David Wharton said...

Anon, I think it's just a Greensboro thing.

I took my in-laws from Florence, Italy to see it last night, and they thought it should be on the national news.

Anonymous said...

It's true, the vids are a poor substitute. Kinda sad that horbrastar dubbed that hokey music over top of the second video because you could hear him oohing and ahhing as we drove down the street.

And considering how contagious the balls are, I wouldn't be surprised if they are national news soon... Although I bet Mr. Smith doesn't want Ridgeway to become a national tourist spot!

jonathan smith said...

Can't adequately describe the joy our family gets from sharing and spreading the lighted Christmas ball tradition. They've made it all the way to Michigan's U.P. and Tampa Bay Sorry, I'm still learning HTML tags yet. Anyone going to the White House soon? Barney, dubya's dog, said they sure could use some cheer up there.