Thursday, November 23, 2006

Providence or Luck

The afternoon plan was for me to put the turkey in the oven at 3, then the whole family would enjoy the new Bond film while it was roasting. We spent the morning in the kitchen making mashed potatoes, sweet and otherwise, and a pumpkin pie.

We made it to the theater, but just as the Rocky MCMXVII trailer was ending, daughter II whispered to me, "I think I left my hair straightener on, lying on my dresser." No way I could sit through a movie thinking about that.

Good thing, too, although she hadn't left it on. The convection oven cooked our oversized turkey about twice as fast as predicted, so I was taking this picture of it at about the time James was probably enjoying the pleasure of some satin sheets with a friend in his suite at Casino Royale.

Now, how do I keep the dogs from eating the turkey while I pick the family up at the theater?

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