Thursday, October 5, 2006

Witold Bialokur is My New Hero

He's 71 years old and still runs 10k's faster than I ever did. He's in a NY Times story about the causes of frailty in aging adults.

One of the main causes may be undetcted cardiovascular disease, but I'm more excited about a second cause they may have discovered:

A second finding is just as surprising to skeptical scientists because it seemed to many like a wrongheaded cliché — you’re only as old as you think you are. Rigorous studies are now showing that seeing, or hearing, gloomy nostrums about what it is like to be old can make people walk more slowly, hear and remember less well, and even affect their cardiovascular systems. Positive images of aging have the opposite effects. The constant message that old people are expected to be slow and weak and forgetful is not a reason for the full-blown frailty syndrome. But it may help push people along that path.
Read the story, and be sure to watch the video of Witold. He'll make you feel young, and want to run.

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