Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NYT to Streisand: Shut Up And Sing

The subhead on the Times' online review of Barbra Streisand's concert last night at Madison Square Garden read, "When she stopped talking and started singing, she was her old self."

The concert also featured, apparently, a Simon Cowell-produced boy band that the reviewer called "robotic," a conversation and duet with a Bush impersonator, and a "useless" question-and-answer period period during which Streisand cursed at a heckler.

Wrote the Times,

A Barbra Streisand concert should be about singing. That’s what people really want. The rest they tolerate out of respect for her gigantic talent. And when she stuck to music, there were many magnificent moments.
I'll bet there were. But it's kind of weird when the Times and Laura Ingraham agree.

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Bob Grenier said...

Amazing! They got it right.There is SOME hope for the NYT after all!

Laura is one of the most deserving of recognition among the underappreciated conservative voices in the nation.