Saturday, October 14, 2006

ConvergeSouth Video Scrapbook

Sam and I spent Friday evening and Saturday hanging with the ConvergeSouth-ers.

David Hoggard's BBQ on Friday night was as good as it ever was, and the company was even better.

The Saturday conference was very well run and all the sessions I attended were informative and interesting. Even Fec agrees!

Here's a little video postcard to our blogging friends.


PotatoStew said...

Nice video David - and it was good meeting you this weekend (Sam too!).

David Wharton said...

Thanks, Stew. Hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Great video. I just believe it impossible not to have had a good time.

Nevertheless, I expect to resume my position across the street.

Vive l'Anarchie!

Jim Rosenberg said...

Meeting you and Sam was a highlight of the weekend. Sam is the coolest dude his age; I have spoken. If I need to sign off on this for a girl, you have my e-mail address. I know your curiousity is at work even when you are not blogging, David -- but it's so much better to eavesdrop on it when you are!

David Wharton said...

It was a highlight for us, too -- meeting you, I mean. Hope you don't mind that I hugged you.

Anonymous said...

David, can we put this video on the media server? If it's ok, please LMK how I can get a copy before you youtubed it and Ben can put an original as well as a youtubie version online for posterity. What a nice video!