Friday, March 3, 2006

Sam's Pro-Denmark Rally

Sam's pro-Denmark, pro-free speech rally drew a nice little crowd of supporters:

From left: Sam Wharton, David Boyd, a young Boyd, Glenn, Ed Cone, and Roch Smith, Jr. Trajan the Belgian Malinois chose this moment to scratch, as he often does when he's bored.

Pastor Joel Gillespie showed up a bit later:

Lots of nice people honked, waved, gave us the "thumbs up," and otherwise showed their support (one young lady even offered us a dollar!). News & Record photographer Kim Walker showed up and took a few photos.

I'm proud of my son and grateful for the support that our friends showed for him and for free speech.

Update: Sam's rally has made the big time!

Update II: Some people in New York City had the same idea. But Sam's rally has them beat. By my calculation, the NYC rally drew about 0.0025% of the local population (200 people out of a population of 8 million). Sam's rally, however, drew a whopping 0.0035% of the Greensboro population (8 people out of a population of 231,000). I should also point out that Sam had this idea even before Christopher Hitchens did.

today Sam is off to Boston for the Harvard Model Congress convention, where he will be taking the role of Secretary of the Army Togo West.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad I'm holding the flag upside down. Forgive me my Danish friends. It's not a signal of distress.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your message, sounds like I would be with you if there to be.

Anonymous said...

Be brave, guys! I salute you. I may not be all for a "too free" right to freedom of speech but, gee whiz, these Muslims are too touchy.

Nathan Tabor said...

Good for y'all--the Denmark thing really exemplifies the WoT in general. It's time for everyone (yes, lefties included) to realize that it is not a clash of civilizations--it's a choice between civilization period--or barbaric tyranny.

Anonymous said...

By the way, NC Sen. Fred Smith has been one of the few politicians -- Democrat or Republican -- who's touched on this very subject. He's no phony conservative.

N. Tabor