Monday, January 2, 2006

Home Again, Again

We spent the New Year holiday with some of Laurette's family in Wyomissing, PA, and celebrated on New Year's Eve by going to bed at 11:30. Not exciting, but we felt good in the morning.

I also visited my old haunts in Lancaster, PA (that's pronounced LANK-uh-ster by the natives) and the 3-story row house where I lived for a year, across the street from the Whirl-A-Sage Health Club. (One of my roomies used to joke that, judging by the name of the place, the working girls inside spent their time spinning Socrates around. )

Despite the nature of that business, though, it was a nice neighborhood, and I remember fondly walking to Mama Mia's restaurant for a really good, authentic cheese steak. Mmmm.

I took photos, but they were accidentally erased. Darn.

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Billy Jones said...

Whirl-A-Sage... I'd love to know the real thought behind that one.

Welcome home.

By the way, the locals in Lancaster, SC. pronounce it the same as in PA.