Monday, January 2, 2006

Dinner for a Rainy January Evening

"Fine fish chowder" from Jane Brody's Good Food Book, published in 1985.

How food fashions change: the subtitle of Brody's book is Living the High-Carbohydrate Way. The first wave of Adkins low-carb dieting had already come and gone by the mid-80's. Maybe it's time for a high-carb comeback!

Brody's book is still in print.


Anonymous said...

Wherever there's a link to, I like to remind folks to support their local independent bookstore: has a directory. (though if independent bookstores are a barometer of "creative class," Greensboro has lost five in the past ten years!)

Rob Ainbinder said...

I love fish chowder! Dave, yours looks right up my alley!

As for Angie's comment: I think we can *also* support a local blogger who might have an affiliate agreement with Amazon to earn a few pennies when you buy through their link.

Sure, I might mourn the loss of a local bookseller (for about a nanosecond) but, what are they doing to court customers? They might do better to focus on a few genres. The indies who try to compete with the depth of selection from dotcoms, national chains, and breadth of selection in big box stores will continue to be dissapointed.