Saturday, December 17, 2005

Publicity Hounds

Just in case you don't feel that this blog is keeping you up to date on what the Whartons are doing, you can read our holiday schedule in the News & Record.

Claudia Wharton won't be in class Wednesday. "We do have plans. We're flying," said parent Laurette Wharton. "That can't be changed."

They are flying to Tucson, Arizona to visit family for the holidays.

But Claudia, 12, expects to be back in in time for the Jan. 2 make-up day at the Academy at Lincoln, where she is a sixth-grader. It was supposed to be a rest day before going back to school, Laurette Wharton said.

Oh, and in case you were thinking of dropping by in our absence, Hero and Trajan will be here with a house-sitter to give you a "dentate welcome."

VLogging update! Click Trajan below to see the dogs in action.


Vada Bostian said...

Great video of the puppies. My little one has made me play it several times.

Anonymous said...

My son's gonna flip! Thanks for the video. But it may have unintended consequences. Instead of keeping people away from your house while you're gone, you may come back to find loads of kids playing with your dogs! ;)