Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home Again Home Again,

jiggety jog.

We're back from a lovely and warm (in every way) visit to my parents in Tucson. After a high of 80 degrees on Christmas day, Greensboro feels cold at a seasonal 40. Cold and cloudy. Sigh. Thanks for a great Christmas, Mom and Dad.

The flights on Southwest Airlines were fine. Although Southwest doesn't give seat assignments, we were able to find seats that suited all five of us. Passengers lined up cheerfully in their A, B, and C groups. All seats are comfortable leather. The employees are lively, helpful, and funny. As my dad pointed out, they seem a lot happier than some other airline employees.

The only dark cloud: the lady next to me sneezed into my water cup. And didn't even apologize!

Now, back to work.

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jonathan smith said...

Daughter Alison flys Southwest from RDU to BNA (Nashville)today. She landed in the A group, fortunately, and being about 7 months with child, hopes the sneezing woman lands in group C.

Your Dad's observation about SW having the happier airline employees is one we share.