Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yom Kippur For Everybody

The sun is setting as I write this, and Yom Kippur is starting.

Ed Cone suggests we make it a national holiday -- or adopt a secular version of it, devoted to introspection and atonement.

I say to heck with the secular version. It's hard to make sense out of atonement in s secular context anyway.

Let's just have it as a national holiday, and let people deal with the religious implications as they will. We could all use a litle (a lot?) of sober introspection, atonement, renewal, and joy, which is what Ed says Yom Kippur is all about.

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Mari said...

When I was working at the Holocaust Museum (Washington, DC) it was one of the few days the place closed. That and Christmas.
Yes, make it a national holiday. I'm totally for holidays (and any other reason for days off and paying hourly workers more).