Sunday, October 9, 2005

We'll Find a House For You

Cobb, who participated in ConvergeSouth, had some nice things to say about my neighborhood:

I want to live in a neighborhood like Aycock. There are several like it in South Pasadena. It's the big house with the big trees and the big porch and the wide street with not much traffic. It's the warm glow of lights on in the evening in wide open windows. It's the free traffic of children and food from house to house and neighbor to neighbor. In all of us lurks the dream of the beloved community.
But he's not sure he really wants to live in a place like this. As a conservative, he observes,
In the big city, I can be conservative easily. That's because the alternative is so large and ungainly. But in the small town one needs to be liberal, because the narrow becomes stifling. The size of the diversity is smaller and therefore embedded with more meaning. A diversity of black and white means little in Los Angeles County. A diversity of black and white is a big deal in the town where the Woolworth Sit In took place.
He finishes with, "I've got a lot more thinking to do." I wish I'd had a chance to talk to him at the conference.

Read the whole thing. (Via Cone.)

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PotatoStew said...

'He finishes with, "I've got a lot more thinking to do."'

From my impression of him, he's always going to feel that he has a lot more thinking to do -- and that's a *good* thing. Cobb definitely didn't seem easy to categorize, and it sounded like he's always been eager to engage others and their ideas.