Monday, October 31, 2005

Stupid Walnut

So I was jogging with Hero this morning; it was a perfect, cool fall day on the Lake Daniel trail.

All should have been well. After all, aren't I Mr. Pedestrian Greenway Promoter And Dog Blogger? This was heaven.

Hah. As Feste remarks, the Whirligig of time brings in its revenges.

About 200 yards down the trail, I hit the deck like a sack of potatoes, and I shouted (I'm a wimp) so loud that two Westerwood lady walkers ran to my rescue. They stood over me as I held my ankle and Hero ran nervous circles around us.

Did I mention I was wearing jogging tights? This embarrasses my 14-year-old daughter horribly. Excruciatingly. Even when I'm just wearing them around the house, she averts her eyes and begs her mother to do something about Dad.

Oh, and I was also wearing a Hannah Andersson cap. Well, it was cold, and I don't have much hair, and the kids won't wear it any more, and who's going to see it at 7:30 a.m. anyway?

So, there I was on the ground: middle-aged jogger, silly cap, tights, sprained ankle, panicked dog, concerned and slightly amused ladies watching.

Platonic Form of the Ridiculous: C'est moi.

All because I stepped on a stupid walnut, half-eaten, lying on the trail, left there by a stupid squirrel.

Next time I go out -- after I heal up -- I'm bringing Bito.


Chewie said...

I am a sucker for physical humor, but even I was not laughing at your mishap... until I clicked the link and saw the hat you were wearing.

Remember, R.I.C.E. for the first 48 hours, then heat to promote blood flow and good healing.

I hereby declare the 2005 squirrel hunting season -- OPEN!

Anonymous said...

Ah, my unwitting friend, it is the squirrels who have declared open season on you. You taunted them too unmercifully with that Bito bit. And to post a picture of the carnage! Yes, to the squirrels, Mr. Urbanity is PE No. 1.

Rob Ainbinder said...

The image conjured up by Mr.Wharton's description of his morning consitution caused me to smile at least a little bit.

But, only because I suffered a similar fate at the hands of a wet maple leaf.

Speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Betcha it was one of those GEICO squirrels! Watch for a new TV commercial re:A&H Insurance.