Thursday, September 8, 2005

Saving What's Left on the Gulf Coast

Some of my local preservationist friends are brainstorming about how to save the historic sites and structures along the Gulf coast that were wrecked by Katrina. Mike Cowhig wrote,

Sue Schwartz points out that one of the untold stories is the destruction of historic structures along the coast of Mississippi. Check out the website for Mississippi Heritage. Many of the historic structures that survived the storm are now threatened with destruction by the bulldozers doing the cleanup. One of their biggest needs is money to fund surveys so they can figure out what can and should be saved.
Sue has suggested a Greensboro fundraiser: sounds like a great idea.

David Preziosi, Executive Director of the Mississippi Heritage Trust, says that checks can be mailed directly to this address:
David Preziosi
Executive Director
Mississippi Heritage Trust
P.O. Box 577
Jackson, MS 39205
Just put "Recovery Fund" on the memo line of the check.

You can also make a donation at the National Trust for Historic Preservation's website.

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