Thursday, September 22, 2005

Great Soundtrack, Minimal Political Content

Wm. Lewis Byers, Jr. who is running for the District 2 (my district) seat on Greensboro's City Council, has posted a campaign video on his blog.

It's a little strange: a photo montage of Mr. Byers registering to run (I think), then hanging out with John Hammer (editor of the Rhino Times) and Matt Williams (local political reporter for the News & Record). Then a picture of super-cute kids in basketball jerseys sitting in the chairs of Mr. Byers' barbershop.

That is to say, it has no substantive political content at all (except for maybe the upside-down American Flag on his campaign poster).

But it has one heck of a soundtrack!


jhs said...


That is Eric B. and Rakim circa 1987 with Paid in Full. One of my all time favorite records. I wonder if they got royalties?

I enjoy your web site, even though I don't live in GSO. The issues you raise are pertinent in many communities.


David Wharton said...

Thanks for the soundtrack info, Jeff, and for your kind words.