Friday, September 30, 2005

And Another New Expression

Ed Cone has begun calling the NY Times' subscription-only web content "DarkTimes."

Good name!

But I'll bet a lot of people would like to use that name for the whole darn paper.


Anonymous said...

It's a play on darknet, which refers to parts of the web not openly accessible to all viewers, or search engines.

David Wharton said...


The Times' pay-to-view material might be more lucrative for them if it were this kind of darknet.

Anonymous said...

Gotta comment on this. The New York Times is supposedly this big progressive paper (according to some folks) yet they are steadily moving content away from the public unless you are willing to pay a fee that is not too far offer a normal subscription price.

I signed up for the free NY Times account so I could continue reading Thomas Friedman and the N&R dropped the NY Times columnists and then was hit with this fee requirement to access this important international insight. Not willing to spend my money in that fashion, I haven't been back since and removed their site from my favorites list. We are all poorer for this....