Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Property Watch: 351 Summit Avenue

There is an illegal junk yard very near my house. It's behind a building at 351 Summit Avenue, and is clearly visible from both Summit and Fisher Avenue. You pass right next to it if you use the pedestrian tunnel from Chestnut St. under Fisher Avenue (most people won't use this tunnel because it's too scary, though I don't mind going through when I have the Mals with me).

If you look closely at this picture, you can see how close it is to downtown: the JP building is visible on the upper left. Zoning enforcement personnel have agreed that this junkyard is in violation of the zoning standards applicable to this lot.

Here's another view: lovely!

I've corresponded several times with a city zoning enforcement officer, who has been polite, informative, and responsive.

Nevertheless, enforcement has been less than vigorous. Zoning enforcement personnel have been aware of the situation since early March, and the junkyard still remains in July.

I understand that staffing is a problem in the zoning enforcement office. But I can't help but suspect that if this junkyard were in another part of town, it wouldn't still be here.

Or am I just whining?

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Anonymous said...

Right on David Wharton!

Thanks for bringing this issue to light. I will make it a point to drop a line downtown tomorrow.