Saturday, June 25, 2005

"It Was Fun!"

So said Sam after this morning's Fun Fourth 10k. He also said, "Oh, man, I hurt."

Me, too. The last mile is mostly uphill -- up north Elm from Irving Park, then up the hill on Greene St. past the monumental First Presbyterian Church. I always feel like puking at that point, and today was no exception.

Here are "the lads" on our front porch before the race. From left, Pete Kellett, A Little Urbanity, Aboslutely American:

The start:

Yours truly at the start (Kellett is telling me I look nervous).

Absolutely American flies across the finish line:

Kellett creamed both of the Whartons, but in the intra-family rivalry, age and experience managed to hold off youth, vigor, and lots of red hair for just a little while longer. But not for much longer, I think.

Go, Sam, and congratulations on finishing your first 10k!

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