Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Full Summer II: Rained Out

Rats. Sam and I spent three hours sitting in a slow drizzle, punctuated by occasional rumbles of thunder, between which Friendly Frog and GCC swimmers eked out 23 (of 84) events. Everyone finally gave up and went home; swim meet to be completed at a later date.

My sole official contribution to the evening was as a spoiler: the referee asked me to judge relay take-offs for the boys' 8-and-under 100-yard medley relay, and it was my unfortunate duty to disqualify both teams. It's hard to keep those 8-year-old boys from diving in before the previous swimmer touches the wall, especially at the first meet of the season.

Cruel, you say? Yes, like Monty Python's Dimsdale Piranha, I'm cruel . . . but fair. Actually, I'm not even cruel. I'm sure those boys won't DQ again this season, or at the City Championship, when it really counts.

But even in the rain, it was nice to get back in touch with the summertime network. For a few months in summer, we have an entirely different group of friend whom we seldom see outside of the summer swimming culture. Yes, it's a KOSC, but it's a darn good one.

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Anonymous said...

The Frogs are one of our favorite KOSCs too, and we're always happy to see friends from other KOSCs on the opposing teams, like tonight. When I'm tired of the same old, same old Greensboro, swim season rolls around just in time. I wonder if Friendly is the only swim team being Blogged?