Friday, May 13, 2005

"Let's Move"

My miraculously ever-loving wife says that to me every now and then. And after reading Sue's and Nate's descriptions of our county commissioners' latest stupid turf war, it seems like a good idea. (See also Hoggard, Gate, and Cone.)

My wife, having grown up in Seattle, misses both the beauty of the Pacific northwest and Seattle's urban culture, the latter of which tends to appear in a rosy light when contrasted with Guilford County's bumptious, bumpkin politics.

Add to that our frustrations with living in, and trying to improve, a historic district that has only faint-hearted support from elected officials, a public school system that is often dysfunctional, and our memories of living in Chapel Hill, and what you end up with is a good bit of dissatisfaction. We can't be the only people who feel this way.

Unfortunately, too many of my neigbors are nice; my colleagues are smart, able, and professional; and Greensboro has lots of interesting and creative people, about half of whom are bloggers, it appears.

Otherwise we'd leave.


Anonymous said...

Professor Wharton:

I hope that you are not considering relocation out of Greensboro and Guilford County after reviewing your eloquent posting.

You seem to have a tremendous impact on the UNC-Greensboro campus community and a profound impact on the lives of Guilford County bloggers.

Keep up the good work and stay positive.

Darkmoon said...

Seattle? I grew up in Seattle too! Mercer Island actually, and Redmond. Love the area. Go figure... it's a small world.

MIHS Class of '95.