Monday, May 30, 2005

HoggFest Festival of Photos

A Who's Who of Greensboro bloggers, musicians, artists, photographers, and grass-roots philanthropists turned out yesterday for HoggFest to raise money for my friend and neighbor Jinni Hoggard's breast cancer treatment.

As I said to Jinni, it was a nasty reason to have a great party, and a really amazing testament to one of Greensboro's great strengths: small-scale community action. Organizer Roch Smith, Jr. did an amazing job, as did all the other volunteers. Read David Hoggard's typically warm and eloquent expression of gratitude here.

UPDATE: Billy Jones has a great round-up of local blog coverage.

MORE: has more photos.

Let the Festival of Photos begin!

Jinni, David, and Richard around the pig cooker.

Greensboro bloggers (from left) Ed Cone, Louisa Lauver, and Jay Ovittore help out at the food table. Actually, Jay helped out just about everywhere.

Billy Jones says, "Hey!" Many of his books were awarded as raffle prizes.

Patrick Eakes (right): entrepreneur, Rotarian, volunteer, Grasshoppers fan, and blogger.

Roch Smith, Jr. of really was the super-strongman of this event.

Logie (purple shirt) and friends entertained the outdoor crowd early in the afternoon.

Miki Moore of Reno Garage (they performed later in the evening) says "hi!" Note orange Hoggardmobile in the background.

Richard and David get down to the serious business of chopping pork. Mmmm.

Sam Wharton of Absolutely American was one of the younger bloggers there. He helped out selling raffle tickets late into the evening.

Food, fun, music, smoke!

This thing was a huge hit with the kids, especially when the air compressor ran out of gas and it collapsed around them. Lots of delighted squealing as concerned parents tried to pull them out.

Billy Jones and Woody Cavenaugh enjoy refreshments.

Benjamin Briggs (of Preservation Greensboro, Inc.) and his mom have a Coke and a Smile.

Aycock neighbors Tom Franklin, Bruce Oakley, and Renée Franklin are looking at something and having a good time. (I don't know the lady in green.)

Lenslinger Stewart Pittman and his daughter enjoy a little family togetherness.

Jinni Hoggard and Fisher Park neighborhood leader Ann Stringfield.

The Flatiron contributed 10% of its take toward Jinni's treatment. And no, the good pastor is not coming out of the bar. It was a Sunday, after all!

Todd, working the door at the Flatiron, collected quite a few of these over the course of the day.

Later in the evening, Reno Garage rocks out. All the bands were fantastic! Miki, David, and Mike (foreground) are my neighbors.

David Hoggard and organizer Mebane Ham enjoy the music in the Flatiron. Mebane is also a neighbor.

Laura Seel and David collecting cover charges late in the evening.


Darkmoon said...

I saw you there, but I was caught by the masses for the little time I was there. Then when I was leaving, couldn't find ya! It was a great event!

Billy Jones said...

Who's that big guy with the grey beard? Oh yeah, that's me. Good job yesterday, I had a really good time.