Tuesday, February 15, 2005


My 13-year-old daughter likes me pretty well some of the time, such as when I've just set up her iMac G5 on a wireless network or spent 3 months' of my lunch money on a pair of Chestnut Uggs for her. Maybe she even likes me most of the time. It's hard to tell.

But I know that she thinks I'm a complete DORK pretty much all of the time, though she's never actually said so. Well, at least not more than a few times (a day). Usually, however, she conveys her utter and unreserved contempt for my sense of style, humor, and modus vivendi by means of the exquisite eye-roll, sneer, sigh, or shrug. Sometimes she shudders at me.

All of these gestures are silent accusations of dorkosity against me, for which I have coined the portmanteau word dorkusation and its derivative dorkusingly. As in:

When the father opined that the skirt in question might not be appropriate for a wedding, his daughter rolled her eyes dorkusingly and stomped back into the changing room.

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Anonymous said...

What can fathers (or, alas, uncles)of the world say but, "Wilkomen!" At least you have embraced the realities of dorkdom! My brother has years to go before graduating from dorkiversity. I secretly hope that, since the adage says, they will marry men like dear ol' dad, they are being turned into beautiful dorkophiles and will one day have a husdork of their own!