Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Buildings are going down on Spring Street

I had word today about three historic, residential buildings near the new First Horizon Park that are slated for demolition. One of them apparently went down this afternoon.

The two others are an Art-Deco apartment building and a Queen Anne style house. The information I had -- which is strictly second hand -- is that these historic structures are being destroyed for . . . parking.

For the new ballpark.

I was actually starting to feel good about that ballpark. Now I'm not.

I'll try to get photos of the surviving buildings up soon, if I can get there before the wrecking ball.

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D. Hoggard said...

I drove by the site this morning on the way out of town to Concord and the bulldozers had just shown up.

They were taking down a 1920's looking apartment house across from the main entrance to the stadium.

By the time I drove back through around 12:00 - it was gone.