Sunday, January 9, 2005

Running into friends unexpectedly

I almost never pick up the paper version of the NY Times, since the on-line version is free (though you do have to register).

But I was flying home from Boston this morning and grabbed a copy at Logan airport. The cover story of the NYT Magazine was about fraternity life, and since I'm right in the middle of I am Charlotte Simmons, a good chunk of which is devoted to fraternity decadence, it seemed timely and interesting. And it was.

But I had a nicer suprise as I flipped to the back of the magazine. Greensboro writer and UNCG professor Michael Parker had a brief reminiscence on the last page about his teen-aged years in rural North Carolina. It's always nice running into Michael unexpectedly and to see that he's doing well.


Sarah said...

It's especially nice to have a serendipitous moment like that, isn't it? Is that 1 degree of separation?

Joe Guarino said...

I hope you will give us your take on Tom Wolfe and I Am Charlotte Simmons when you are through. I have not read it yet, but have enjoyed his work immensely in the past (Bonfire, Man in Full).

Jenny D. said...

I just finished Charlotte Simmons. I liked it, sort of. I liked her a lot. BTW, if you think the sketch of life on college campuses is wrong, look at this: