Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blogging in the UNCG Curriculum

TheShu picked up the fact that I have set up a blog for one of my classes within a few hours of my creating it -- I don't know how he does it.

I'll be using the blog as a discussion forum for my students, and I'm excited but a little apprehensive. Kids say the darndest things, as Art Linkletter used to remind us. So I've told them to behave, since anyone can read their posts. But that's also an upside for them. Not only are they likely to be on their best behavior, but they may attract input and discussion from people outside of class, and outside of academia. They'll start blogging sometime next week.

MORE UNCG BLOG NEWS: In preparing for some curriculum committee work tomorrow morning, I discovered that a proposed new course in UNCG's English/Jounralism curriculum is going to include a unit on bloggers, and the instructor is planning to ask some local blogger/journalists to talk to the class. My advice to the invited bloggers: make sure you get a meal out of it.

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Rustam Sheridan said...

What a cool idea. Do you mind if I steal it and create a blog for my class? I'm teaching a section of Masterpieces of Cinema, which is participation and discussion-heavy. Might as well do some of that discussing on a blog.