Sunday, December 19, 2004

Soaking up that superior Triangle culture

Triangle area blogger Andy Wismar had a few choice words to say about Greensboro yesterday (via Hoggard):

Greensboro [is] often described as "Raleigh without the PhD's" . . . Whenever I'm there and surrounded by locals and not lawyers, I expect a spontaneous NASCAR race to materialize. (Read the whole thing.)

Well, it just so happened that the family and I were headed to the Triangle this very morning, where was I hoping to get away from all these oppressive Greensboro NASCAR fans, and mix it up with some real urban sophisticates.

Our destination was the upscale new Southpoint Mall, which was just packed full of prosperous and urbane Triangle shoppers picking up some last-minute Christmas gifts.

All my cultural expectations were met -- and more! For Southpoint had arranged a performance by one of Chapel Hill's premiere artists for the shoppers' cultural uplift. I refer, of course, to the vocal (and hair) stylings of the great Keith Henderson, performing his inspiring medley, Illusions of 'The King' -- right there in front of the Hudson Belk store!

Now my eyes are opened to what it's like to live in a real city. Never more will I be satisfied with Greensboro's meager cultural offerings.

Luckily for me, Mr. Henderson was kind enough to direct me to his website, so that we can all follow his performances and soak up more of that superior Triangle culture.

Thank you, Andy Wismar, for opening my eyes, and thank you Keith Henderson for opening my heart.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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Patrick Eakes said...

David, I am just catching up on your posts. This response to Andy is priceless.