Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Day Chiaroscuro

Christmas is all about contrasts: the Star of Bethlehem against a black sky; grubby shepherds and glorious angels; the Infinite God becoming a little baby.

I got to see a little of that contrast for myself, on Christmas day, on my own street.

After early Christmas mass, after the iPods, books, CDs, DVDs, PJs, sweaters, boxer shorts, and socks had been given and received with love, my dad and I decided to take the dogs for a Christmas Day walk.

We passed a parked Honda, well-maintained. I saw a woman inside, also well-maintained: nice hair, fur collar. In her left hand was a spoon filled with liquid; in her right hand, a syringe.

I got mad, and borrowed my dad's cell phone to call the police. Get out of my neighborhood! She saw me calling, and drove away.

Then I was sad. Really sad. Try to imagine what her Christmas was like.


Joe Guarino said...

After having felt mad, and then sad, you can feel good about having done the right thing. She might have gotten the help and attention she needs, and now, perhaps, may not. But remember the circumstance of His birth contained an admixture of alienation and poignancy; and was ultimately followed by redemption. Hope you had a great Christmas with your father in town.

Chewie said...

I'm trying to imagine what her life is like.

If the Scriptures are to be believed, Jesus preferred to spend His time with people like her.