Monday, October 31, 2005

Boo Chain

A bag of Hallowe'en goodies appeared at my doorstep yesterday morning, anonymously deposited, along with a poem explaining that it was now my task to distribute two more such bags to neighbors.

The bag also held a "Boo" sign that I was to put on my door to indicated that I'd already been "Boo'ed."

Laurette and Claudia went out last night and prepared the bags.

I snuck out early this morning with bags in hand, and had a little trouble finding a house without a Boo on the front door, so I had a brisk little walk.

Nice idea. Have you heard of this before, or is it a new thing?


D. Hoggard said...

Best I can tell, the boo chain started last Sunday when a bag full bag of goodies anonymously showed on our and the Lauver's porches.

Glad to hear it is still speading. Even though I hate chain letters, this one has caused quite a buzz here in the 'hood.

"Who booed you" and "have you been booed?" are common questions of late.

Anonymous said...
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Matthew said...

This happened to my wife and I. We were pleasantly surprised, but sad to say that we did not keep the chain going. We were out of town quite a bit right after it happened and neglected to continue the chain. It was a great idea, we believe! A nice way to promote community involvement. However, we have to be careful these days with "suspicious" candies. I suppose I would have been "less" suspicious if I had known exactly who had left it! But, I suppose that is also part of the fun! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We did that a few years ago in our old neighborhood. The problem, though, was that none of our neighbors had a sense of humor and did not keep the chain going. :-/ In our current neigborhood, nobody has done anything like that. I would have, had I thought of it, but I didn't, so I'll try to remember it for next year.

Anonymous said...
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Angie S. said...

We got Boo'ed, but there was no note and I didn't know it was a chain until reading your blog! We'll know the drill next year. It was fun trying to figure out who did it (we saw a mysterious van driving away).

We had an odd assortment of trick-or-treaters. After the first round of neighborhood little kids came carloads of "imports" and a lot of older teenagers late in the evening. We found an empty can of malt beverage in the yard.